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PodTech is looking for sites with green power!

High Performance Data Centers

Blockchain Security – Artificial Intelligence – Edge Computing

Designed for flexibility and function, these containerized datacenter solutions optimize power consumption with advanced cooling and reheating design along with integrated software control and monitoring systems. Each MegaPod offers sophisticated building controls, environmental monitoring and 24/7 Security.

 IT Management, Online Monitoring and Control

These application-specific datacenters also feature a software defined network, scalability, optimal performance and competitive pricing. Adding further value, the network operation centre features 24/7 reporting and support communications.

Energy Efficient

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, utilizing hydro electric power, a PUE of 1.08 and hot/cold aisle remix ability ensures that our customers are getting the most out of their servers and bitcoin miner hosting investment.

Stable Power

Professional Team

Filtered Air

Low Latency

24/7 Security

100% Canadian

Our manufacturing facility in Canal Flats BC sits on 9 Acres of Industrial land. Here we are able to ensure an immediate opportunity to scale, quality control and, as a result, attention to detail. In-house design and manufacturing provides real time ability to improve and streamline our manufacturing process.

  • CSA Approved
  • Custom Racks
  • Novel Arrangement
  • Efficient cooling
  • Heat Recovery
  • Low PUE
  • Industry Experts from RackForce
  • Built on-site
  • Local skilled trades people
  • Quality Control
  • Local Job Creation
  • Custom built fabrication shop
  • Custom designed digital fabrication
  • Experienced Data Center team
  • We find locations
  • Power, Fiber and Network
  • Controlled power systems
  • On-site security
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Internal systems controls
  • Applied machine learning

The MegaPod is ideally suited for blockchain security, edge compute, AI, Render and IoT technologies. The MegaPod is a PFM (prefabricated modular) datacenter with engineered spaces for both servers and server equipment located in the lower utility pods.


Modular data centers are just that.. Modular. Utilizing standard shipping containers, these Pods can be shipped efficiently anywhere in the world.


Designed, Engineered and Built on site, these Pods are CSA approved and provide best in class quality while remaining flexible for our clients exacting needs.


PodTech’s novel design provides for maximum efficiency in build, cooling and power consumption. With an engineered PUE of 1.08  we think you’ll agree.


Looking for a little, or a lot? Ask us about how we can scale power, service and space to suit your needs.

Canada’s leaders in High Performance, Modular Data Centres and design.
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