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Experts in the Design, Build and Operation of Advanced and Efficient Edge Compute Infrastructure

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Innovation for where the cloud is going, not where it has been.

Modular Datacenters by PodTech Innovation Inc.

PodTech presents a new Data Center for new technologies such as:

Digital Currency, Video Rendering, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Factories, Automated Mines, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drone Data Storage

Also, Distributed AI applications that require low latency and close proximity.

6MW In Canal Flats. AVAILABLE May 1st, 2019

Stable Power

Professional Team

Cooled Servers

Low Latency

24/7 Security

100% Canadian

Site 1: Canal Flats


30 Megawatts


Site 2: British Columbia


50 Megawatts

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Site 3: British Columbia


100+ Megawatts

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Opportunity Knocks Once

PodTech exists to help our partners and clients take advantage of opportunities, often once in a life-time opportunities.

Did you know our first 30MW of MegaPods utilizing green, hydro electric energy inventory sold-out shortly after launch?

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  • Help scale your data processing needs.
  • Offer you access to affordable and sustainable green energy.
  • Bring large distributed cloud technology projects to your community.
  • Lower your operating costs and increase efficiencies in a fast-moving tech environment.

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Our manufacturing facility in Canal Flats BC sits on 60 Acres of Industrial land, where we are able to ensure quality control and, as a result, attention to detail. Inhouse design and manufacturing allows us to adapt to our edge compute customers and likewise, ensure that digital process clients also get exactly what they need.

  • CSA Approved
  • Custom Racks
  • Novel Arrangement
  • Efficient cooling
  • Heat Recovery
  • Low PUE
  • Industry Experts from RackForce
  • Built on-site
  • Local skilled trades people
  • Quality Control
  • Local Job Creation
  • Custom built fabrication shop
  • Custom designed digital fabrication
  • Experienced Data Center team
  • We find locations
  • Power, Fiber and Network
  • Controlled power systems
  • On-site security
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Internal systems controls
  • Applied machine learning

The MegaPod is ideally suited for digital currency, edge compute, AI, Render and IoT technologies. The MegaPod is a PFM (prefabricated modular) datacenter with engineered spaces for both servers and server equipment located in the lower utility pods.


Modular data centers are just that.. Modular. Utilizing standard shipping containers, these Pods can be shipped efficiently anywhere in the world.


Designed, Engineered and Built on site, these Pods are CSA approved and provide best in class quality while remaining flexible for our clients exacting needs.


PodTech’s novel design provides for maximum efficiency in build, cooling and power consumption. With an engineered PUE of 1.08  we think you’ll agree.


Looking for a little, or a lot? Ask us about how we can scale power, service and space to suit your needs.

Canada’s leaders in High Performance, Modular Data Centres and design.

Low PUE, Green Power, Modular Scalable Design, and Expert Support mean that you can focus on your business while we do the rest. We can provide as much or as little support as your team needs while ensuring that you have access to cheap and efficient power.

Concerned about the world and global impact too? Ask us about how we are supporting small communities, recycling heat into greenhouses and leaving a small footprint for next generations.

We are taking orders today. Email us now to get on the list!

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