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A Job And A Home

A job and a home

Columbia Lake Technology Center along with its partner company PodTech Innovation Inc. have embarked on a revolutionary employee based housing project. Providing access to an increasingly competitive housing market, 9 new building lots have been acquired in a new subdivision 1.3km from their head office, and within walking distance to schools, and amenities.

Together, the Company’s vision is to ensure that all employees have access to affordable housing and providing them with the opportunity to own their own home. Opportunities even exist for one of the co-founders to co-sign on their mortgage if needed. Building a house is only part of the process, creating a home where employees are looked after, is the goal.

These 9 new build homes are designed with families in mind. Each home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a level lot with Mountain views and plenty of fresh air. Floor plans show an open design with over 1440ft2 on a +/- 600m2 fully serviced lot. Rolling out the plan in phases, these houses will be build two at a time.

While building a company, profit and brand are important, however, building a thriving community is the larger goal. The desire is to see Canal Flats transform into a cutting edge, rural technology hub that attracts IT and other related companies focusing on the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

Already, in just over 4 months, CLTC and PodTech have hired 34 full time workers while investing heavily into factory renovations, business planning and ultimately the community of Canal Flats. Industry 4.0 plays a major role in its daily business, but taking it one step further and ensuring that people are a part of this digital industrial revolution. Industry 4.0+ is about bringing the community along with the advancing technology. It includes housing, jobs, quality of life, responsible agriculture and embracing rural communities as an ideal place for all of this to unfold.

Learn more about Columbia Lake Technology Center and PodTech Innovation Inc. visit their websites or

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  1. Thanks to Brian Fehr the town of Canal Flats is on the road to recovery.
    This is where Industry 4.0+ is going to open up a vast amount of job opportunities surrounding this project.
    For an employer to help their employees purchase a home is unheard of and proves Brian really cares!
    No wonder he was awarded BC’s Highest Honour!
    Thank you Brian

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