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How Reliable Is Your Power Utility Feed

How Reliable Is Your Power Utility Feed

Since 2007 the transmission line PodTech is tapped into has had 99.99%  (4 nines) uptime reliability. This high degree of reliability was a major factor in locating our modular data centers in Canal Flats.

Transmission power is roughly half the cost of distribution power and that enables PodTech to give its customers the best price for power for a 3MW all-in managed service (we design, build, operate, and manage the network and client hardware.).

Of the two types of power lines, transmission and distribution, transmission power is the most reliable. Transmission lines run from the power source (in our case very low carbon BC Hydro dams) to local substations then on to large industrial power users (like PodTech’s 30MW) or to distribution lines which take it to households and other low power users.

Transmission lines are very high voltage (here in BC that’s 500KV (KiloVolt) to 69KV lines). Transmission lines are strung on very tall structures that take them out of the reach of everything that could topple them (ice storms aside) and are positioned in wide paths that are kept cleared of trees. They may also have grid redundancy which distribution lines do not.

Distribution lines are low voltage (4.6 to 33KV) and are on the typical utility poles you see along a residential street. Distribution lines are subject to many more threats that can topple lines, or blow transformers (falling branches/trees, vehicular accidents, lightning etc.), than transmission lines are. Downtimes are also typically much longer as in a storm many lines need to be repaired, not just a single transmission line, before power can be restored.

Below is a map of the 69KV  transmission line (60L279in Black), that PodTech is connected to in Canal Fats.  This line and the 230KV line ((2L258  green) that powers it both have 4 nines (99.99%) uptime. In addition we also monitor the indoor environment, provide 25o  +/- 3o , and do over 2000 air changes per hour. This provides a highly stable and reliable environment for hosting.

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