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Our Biggest Fan!

Our Biggest Fan!

These things are huge! Last week Co-Founder Brian Fry snapped this pic in-front of the MegaPod fans as they were being delivered. This week, they are in place and ducting is being installed.

PodTech Fans and Progress

Our Biggest Fan!

Our ducted fans provide an air change rate of 2050 times per hour and are capable of mixing hot exhaust gas back into the Pod when temperatures dip too low.

Wanting to ensure effective and diverse use of these MegaPods, these air supplies are also designed to incorporate additional evaporative cooling units as a direct plug and play.

Cold filtered air enters the lower Pod and is directed up through the floor of the server pod into the cold aisle. The air then passes through the server racks and exits out the roof back into the plenum where it is then mixed or exhausted or, in the future, tied into additional building or greenhouse heating loops ensuring the best use of all systems.

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