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PodTech MegaPod

PodTech MegaPod

What do you get with a PodTech MegaPod? You get a lot!

  • Clean, Renewable hydroelectric power
  • Engineered cooling 2000+ air changes per hr.  
  • Filtered air to prevent dust and contaminants from overheating servers
  • Configuration, monitoring, security (24×7 video monitoring, proximity passes and more)
  • Multiple service corridors for electrical, mechanical and cooling equipment
  • CSA approved
  • Custom designed racks
  • PUE 1.1 (Engineered)
  • 1 MegaPod will support ~1,600 – S9 servers.
  • Each Mega Pod has a dedicate 3 MVA transformer.
  • Individual Server Pods can support up to 450 KVA of server load.

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