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We design, build and operate the world’s most Innovative edge compute Infrastructure

Site 1: Canal Flats


30 Megawatts

Site 2: British Columbia


50 Megawatts

Site 2: British Columbia


100+ Megawatts

20+ years of Hyperscale Data Center design build and operation experience.

Professionally managed

Highly reputable founders

About the Founders

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certified (meets all Canadian regulations)

Customized for your digital process hosting solution.

Modular Data Center MegaPod
  • Dedicated 3MW per MegaPod.
  • Each Server Pod can support up to 450 KVA of server load.
  • CSA Certified.
  • Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) 1.08 (Engineered)
  • Green power from British Columbia = 12.90 gCO2eq/kWh.
  • Custom built to your needs and your server.
  • Eg. Each Server Pod will accommodate up to 324 – S9 type miner rigs.
  • An entire MegaPod will support up to 1,620 – S9 type servers.
  • Each Pod has a dedicated cooling system. Cooling vents in the floor deliver air in the cold aisle and exhaust at top of the hot aisle.
  • High velocity air handler delivers the conditioned air to each server pod.
  • Each Pod has high velocity exhaust fans. Hot air is mixed with cold air to ensure temps stay within server specs.
Edge Compute Modular Data Center
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