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MegaPod Animation

Come have a closer look at the key components that make up the MegaPod. This animation provides a closer look inside.

The PodTech MegaPod is a Prefabricated Modular Datacenter designed for a wide range of data processing applications.

Air Changes Per Hour
MegaWatts Per MegaPod
Maintained Temperature +/- 3c

Innovation for where the cloud is going, not where it has been.


The MegaPod is ideally suited for digital currency, edge compute, AI, Render and IoT technologies. The MegaPod is a PFM (prefabricated modular) datacenter with engineered spaces for servers and separate lower utility pods for server equipment.


The PodTech modular data center suite of products and systems allow us to work intimately with global projects and initiatives like Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, IoT, Artificial intelligence, crypto, blockchain, Edge Computing and the distributed cloud. With our growing team of industry experts, we control the process from start to finish.

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At the Base of the MegaPod are the Utility Pods. Inside these 3 engineered 40’x 8′ x 9’6″ converted shipping containers are all the electrical, and mechanical systems that are required to maintain the servers above at their optimal temperature and environmental conditions ensuring long life and return on investment.


Server Pod
PodTech Server Racks
Hot / Cold Aisle separation

The second level of the MegaPod are the Server Pods. Inside these 5 engineered 20’x 8′ x 9’6″ converted shipping containers are the custom racks that PodTech has engineered to maximize both usable space and power. Here, filtered supply air enters the Server Pod through openings in the floor on one side and exits the exhaust air through ducts in the ceiling on the far side of central racks. Server Pods utilize standard hot aisle / cold aisle separation ensuring highly efficient cooling.


Cooling System
Heat recirculate

Fully encompassing the top and rear of the MegaPod is one of its most critical features. Filtered air handling and conventional hot/cold aisle separation are engineered to maintain servers at their manufactures recommended temperature by utilizing automated damper controls for re-heat optimization. Filtered supply air is exchanged 2050 times per hour via separate and dedicated server pod ducting. Internal environmental controls are able to activate dampers which re-circulate warm air back to the servers during cold winter days ensuring optimal temperatures are maintained. Advanced engineering also provides for absolute air separation between the hot and cold aisles.

  • Dedicated 3MW per MegaPod.
  • Each Server Pod can support up to 400 KW of server load.
  • CSA Certified.
  • Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) 1.08
  • Green power from British Columbia = 12.90 gCO2eq/kWh.
  • Custom built to your needs and your server.
  • Eg. Each Server Pod will accommodate up to 572 – 1u servers.
  • An entire MegaPod will support up to 2860 – 1u servers.
Engineered PUE


PUE Efficiency 1.08 (Engineered)

PUE Efficiency 1.08 (Engineered)

PUE = Power Usage Effectiveness

The ratio of total amount of energy used by a computer data centre facility to the energy delivered to computing equipment.

Also, the inverse of data centre infrastructure efficiency (DCIE). It was originally developed by a consortium called The Green Grid

Grams of CO2 Equivalent per kWh Hour

Grams of CO2 Equivalent per kWh Hour

2016, B.C. = 12.9 gCO2eq/kWh

Canada – Source Link

US – Source Link

US conversion –
(convert lb/mWh to g/kWh): 1 lb/mWh = 0.45359237 g/kWh

Maximizing Efficiencies

Maximizing Efficiencies

  • Low PUE: Efficiencies in design and the modular nature of the pods allows for a very low engineered PUE of 1.08
  • Reduced CO2 per kWh: Capitalizing on green energy and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Onsite Manufacturing: Hiring local and creating jobs, repurposing industrial lands.
  • Modular Design: Working with standard shipping containers, the MegaPods can be shipped world wide utilizing existing global infrastructure.
  • Greenhouses: Excess heat from the Mega Pods can be captured and used to heat colocated greenhouses.
  • Heat recapture capabilities to offset building heating.

Modular data centers are just that.. Modular. Utilizing standard shipping containers, these Pods can be shipped efficiently anywhere in the world.


Designed, Engineered and Built on site, these Pods are CSA approved and provide best in class quality while remaining flexible for our clients exacting needs.


PodTech’s novel design provides for maximum efficiency in build, cooling and power consumption. With an engineered PUE of 1.08  we think you’ll agree.


Looking for a little, or a lot? Ask us about how we can scale power, service and space to suit your needs.

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